What are Hidden Object Games?

Let me set the scenario for you. You are sitting at home bored out of your ever loving mind. There is nothing on the 140 billion channels offered on satellite, so you go to the computer. You get online looking for something interesting to do. There is nothing new on the user loaded videos and the funny pictures of cute little animals are just not making you laugh today. You have checked your website, your friends’ sites, and your appointment book but are still bored stiff. Then it dawns on you. You need to play some computer games! You do a quick search for online games and you see hidden object games, but what are hidden object games?

The basic premise for hidden object games is exactly as it sounds. The player looks for hidden pictures or objects. It can be like finding a well camouflaged person in the large crowd of people. Sometimes it is spotting what is different in two pictures that are almost exactly alike. There are even hidden object games that have you looking for several tiny clues leading you to solve great mysteries. The common aspect of all these games is you must find the hidden picture, objects or clues to advance to the next level of game play.

The majority of hidden object games can be broken down into three major categories: Hidden Picture games, Hidden Clue Games, and Seek and Find Games.

Hidden Picture Games:

Hidden picture games are similar to the ones you find in magazines. Remember the Highlight magazine? Every issue had a hidden picture game. Online or computer versions have you click the picture once you find it. Then the item is crossed off a list of objects hidden in the picture. Be careful! These games may not sound interesting, but you would be wrong. Hidden picture games can be very addicting.

Hidden Clue Games:

The board game Clue is one version of a hidden clue game. The crime scene investigation (CSI) shows are televisions shows that are all about the hidden clues. Now you can play games like this online or download them and play them on your computer. Do you like mystery or who-done-it? You can play it on your computer too. These games not only have you looking for hidden clues, but they have you thinking too. You can spend hours solving murders, searching lost cities, or a number of other investigations.

Seek and Find Games:

Seek and find games are not like hidden clue games because instead of solving a case you are searching places for objects leading you to a destination or to discover a secret. Games like this resemble your search the world for hidden treasures. While the hidden treasures may take you around the world, the hidden treasures may be in your own house. The hidden objects may lead you to discover an ancient world or an old family secret.

Where to Find:

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