Why Do People Play Hidden Object Games?

There is a secret society out there full of adults playing video games online, in their homes and sometimes at work. The grown adults are not dorks. They are not nerds. They are normal people who just like kicking back and having some fun. I must admit. I am a member of this secret society. After a long day of work, I come home and I search for hidden objects, solve murders, and explore lost cities. That is right. I like hidden object games. I play them online and I download them on my computer. In the doctor’s office, if no one is looking, I will search for hidden pictures in the children’s magazines.

Message boards and forums are filled with people, like you and me, discussing the latest hidden object game. The members share tips for game play, techniques (or cheats) for unlocking levels, and ideas for new games. They even help each other out when someone gets stuck on a level. Everything you ever wanted to know about your favorite hidden object game can be found in these game forums. The members are even kind enough to post SPOILER in the topic to warn people about information they may not want to know.

Oh yeah! It can become an obsession. The games suck you in and you are compelled to find one more clue before you call it a night. Oh my goodness, if for some reason you cannot find the clue, you might find yourself dreaming about the game. Next thing you know, you are eating lunch and BAM! You got it. You can’t wait till you get home to put in the answer.

No matter what people say or think, there is an adrenaline rush from solving the problem. That’s right. I said it. After spending days trying to solve a murder or meticulously searching a deserted tomb, you put the pieces together and the cut-scene (a mini-movie) comes and takes you to the next level. You find yourself beaming. The pride that comes from solving a case is astounding. Who knew you could get such a rush from playing a game in the safety of your own home, but there you are filled with pride and accomplishment.

If you don’t believe me try out a hidden object game for yourself. You can go to MarcoPoloGames.com to download a free trial. Once there, click on hidden object games. This will take you to a list of games available for download. Then all you have to do is read the brief introduction to the games and download the ones that you find most entertaining.

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